We guarantee the following to you:
  • We keep all your information confidential and is not traded among the girls on the site.
  • We will not trade or sell your phone number, e-mail or home mailing address.
  • We will only do a call back if you purchase one, or if your credit becomes a problem.
  • This site does not track or record your ISP and does not collect any personal data.
  • There are no membership dues, no hidden fees, no per minute charges, and no recordings.
  • Any problems will be investigated immediately and handled appropriately.
  • All questions or concerns will be handled in a professional manner.
  • All ladies who work on this site have had a criminal background check to be sure they have a clean record.
  • All ladies who work on this site are over the age of 21 and are legal age in their jurisdiction.
  • We do not use an online data base and all files are kept locked securely.
  • Your personal information is shredded if it is no longer needed.
  • You are never deceived about who you are doing business with.

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