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Cheap Phone Sex - 2 Girl Phone Sex Fantasy Calls - Real Sex Confessions Cheap Phone Sex - 2 Girl Phone Sex Fantasy Calls - Real Sex Confessions Cheap Phone Sex - 2 Girl Phone Sex Fantasy Calls - Real Sex Confessions
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Tonya is a 32 year old bimbo from Florida. Tonya has no taboos and will talk about any fantasy or engage in any type of roleplay no matter how "dark", "kinky", or "wild" it may be. Tonya works from her home, so she can talk to you privately without distractions. Tonya is also non-judgmental, creative, and always ready for a new adventure in phone sex. This bargain bimbo refuses to cum unless YOU do too!.

Tonya's Bimbo Philosophy:
I'm not going to bullshit you with some story about me "lying on my bed waiting for your call". The truth is when you call.... you will never know what I might be doing. I might be getting out of the shower, laying on the floor with a magazine, or experimenting with a home-made sex toy.

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Like most men you've probably had that 2 girl fantasy of being sandwiched between 4 warm tits and 2 juicy pussies.Or perhaps you've dreamed of just being able to watch two hot lesbians go at "it". You've seen it in photos, magazines, and even in porn videos. The whole thing turns you on from start to finish... and your own finish, of course. Now you can have the chance to listen live as two horny babes get a little nasty for you. Or you can explore the whole fantasy of being with two women at once. We've got a variety of girls available for 2 girl phone sex calls and they are available 24 hours per day just dial 1-888-448-8584 and speak with our friendly dispatchers who will set up your call and your 2 lovely ladies!

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